November 29, 2023


It’s been just over a year since the iPhone was released,Apple Ups The Ante With 3G iPhone Articles and Apple is upping the ante in the smart phone wars.

We’re talking about the release of the new 3G version of the iPhone.

The latest ChangeWave survey of 3,567 consumers – conducted in the aftermath of Apple’s June 9th announcement on the release of its 3G model – shows the next generation iPhone having a tsunami-like impact on the smart phone market.

At present, the Canadian Blackberry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIMM; 42%, unchanged) is the clear consumer smart phone market leader among smart phone owners.

But the biggest mover here is the Apple iPhone (11%; up 2-pts) – which continues to make major inroads in the consumer marketplace. Having gained market share for the fourth-consecutive survey, it is now close to wrestling the number two spot away from Palm (PALM; 14%, down 2-pts).

“These numbers are good sell iphone 11 pro max news for Apple,” said analyst Tobin Smith, “but it’s when we asked respondents about their planned smart phone purchases over the next 90 days that the tsunami-like effect of this marketplace transformation becomes crystal clear.”

The Coming Apple Tsunami

When we asked respondents about their planned smart phone purchases over the next 90 days the full extent of the marketplace transformation becomes apparent.

An astonishing 56% of respondents who plan to purchase a smart phone in the next 90 days say they’re getting an Apple iPhone – a huge 21-pt leap from the previous survey.

The chart below shows just how dramatic a jump in market share this represents.

Going forward, RIM’s share of consumer planned purchases is set to take a hit over the next 90 days, falling 6-pts to 23%. Palm remains a far distant third with just 3% of planned purchases.

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