November 28, 2023

Modern metal art is not something that can be defined. If it is made of metal and is decorative or has meaning,Guest Posting it is art. From a huge sculpture too big to fit in even a large room to a small intricately shaped key chain, if it has meaning to you, it is art.


We all love to express our selves – our individuality, or likes and dislikes, our attitudes to life and all that goes into making us individuals. There are various ways of doing this and the most common are by what we say and what we do. But what constantly speaks volumes about us are our possessions. Although various religions may extol the values of simplicity and the uselessness of worldly possessions, very few of us ever get anywhere near that state of sainthood. We are proud of what we have worked for and possess.


While our functional possessions like the car we drive and the clothes we wear (which may often be works of art in themselves) – say a lot about us, what often speaks more loudly is our non functional possessions. Things like the art and decorative items we own. And nothing can be more expressive than modern metal art.


Modern metal art is not limited by size, shape or materials – except metal wall art that by definition it needs to be made of metal. Anything made of metal which has an aesthetic appeal, even if its main propose is functional, can be called modern metal art. We all immediately appreciate the beauty of a metal picture or mirror frame. We admire intricate wrought iron patio and garden furniture. We are awed and impressed by modern metal art sculptures, large or small. But modern metal art goes beyond this. What about:

· Beautifully design car

· A wristwatch with an intricate design and appealing shape

· The laptop with an elegantly sculpted titanium body

· And all the other metal things we see and use every day but take for granted.

· A beautiful metal vase


Don’t they have beauty beyond their function? Are they not designed to be pleasing to the eye? If the answer is yes, then they may be classified as modern metal art.


If you want to express yourself by decorating your home, modern metal art is a great option. You can either find the kind of things you are looking for in shops or on line – there are hundreds of websites for both large scale manufacturers as well as individual artists looking to sell their work or to work on commissions.


Remember that modern metal art can be either purely decorative pieces either in the form of wall hangings or free standing pieces of art. Or they can be functional items like intricately designed coat stands or book ends made of steel, aluminum or just about any metal.


Unlike many other forms of art, metal art is long lasting and requires little or no maintenance besides cleaning and, perhaps, the occasional wash. That means that the modern metal art you buy today will last and for your grandchildren or great grandchildren, it may be a piece of classic metal art.

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